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This VITALS Naming Matrix Framework teaches a naming method that uses practical word-association techniques. The method involves descriptors and brand terms being placed into a matrix and a fusion process where terms are combined and mixed. This framework can be used for naming a company, a product, or even a community you’re building.

Why Buy?

If you’ve ever been tasked to name anything, we don’t have to tell you how easy it is to go way off the rails. Naming things, in general, is certainly fun and exciting, but when there is a goal associated or a problem to be solved, you better have a duplicatable process for naming, otherwise, you can never be sure you’re hitting the mark. When you purchase the VITALS Naming Matrix Framework, you will learn effective, goal oriented, methods for naming tailored to resonate with whatever audience sits on the receiving end.

The Super-Skills You’re Left With:

An understanding of the importance of goal oriented naming.
The ability to facilitate a Naming Matrix
A 30-minute process that solves a million-dollar problem.

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