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The VITALS Postmortem Workbook is a booklet of questions and prompts designed to get you thinking about a recently completed project. What went well? What didn’t? What should we do differently next time? These simple considerations are broken into several self-contained sections each with many questions. Each module provides unique clarity that benefits your overall process. Finally, the workbook ends with a bit of good old motivation and a ritualistic signing of your commitment to better your projects using the truths you’ve just uncovered.


Why Buy?

If you’ve ever had a project blow up in your face, you need to know how to prevent similar future outcomes. If you’ve ever had a project epically succeed, you need to know how to duplicate these results. Without a process in place that looks back and examines project strengths and shortcomings, you may never be able to accurately predict ROI, scale with confidence, or even simply survive. But with a postmortem retrospective process you are well on your way to growth, profitability, and most importantly ease and comfort. If you dig these things, this course is for you!

The Super-Skills You’re Left With:

  1. A habit of project retrospection.
  2. An appreciation for mistakes, and the lessons they teach.
  3. The ability to quantify project successes.
  4. Predictable ROI.
  5. The ability to scale up your business with confidence.
  6. Improved team communication.
  7. Survival.

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