User Profiling & Empathy Mapping


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The VITALS Content Strategy Framework is a series of education modules that, when learned, enable the conception, creation, and launch of content strategy within a content schedule. In addition to being able to create a content strategy, this kit also teaches Content Strategy Framework Facilitation. This means that once you’ve completed the course, you will be able to walk others through how to create their own content strategy.

Why Buy?

This framework is the same process we of VITALS facilitate for our clients. Having a process like this has not only brought tremendous value to our clients but also empowers our agency to charge premium rates. Furthermore, by crafting your clients content strategy around the user profiles we help you define, you help them build value in the eyes of your client’s clients. By boosting the value of their products, your clients become more profitable, and you become indispensable.

The Super-Skills You’re Left With:

Understanding content strategy and its 6 vital components
Audience profiling facilitation framework
Goals and priorities facilitation framework
Content strategy framework worksheet
Bonus tips, best practices, and facilitation techniques
A new sellable product for your agency or freelance business
Results based strategies for your clients
Confidence to increase rates

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