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Engineered Disruption

“Engineered Disruption refers to the methodology and framework designed to rattle the very foundation of a brand’s business model, inspiring true change and innovation.”

Disrupt or be Disrupted

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Our Framework

There are many frameworks for conducting a branding workshop, and each come with their own unique set of modules. No two branding workshops are alike. Our process walks teams through 6 self-contained modules and is the framework of choice for the venture-backed tech giants of Silicon Valley. We must dig deep before effective brand strategy and content strategy can be recommended.

engineered-disruption2Engineered Disruption Workshop

To engineer disruption we must first have a clear understanding of the current status quo of your industry. This workshop is designed to take your team through a series of coordinated frameworks engineered to expose areas for disruption and growth within your specific vertical. This is a scientific process that requires a tremendous amount of friction within an organization. This is the type of friction that kills old conventions and births true innovation and transformation for companies.

brand-discoveryBrand Discovery Workshop

Our Brand Discovery Workshop is designed to cover three main characteristics of your organization. We perform ideal client profiling, brand attribute compiling and refocusing, and a three-category goals and prioritization. This step is engineered to illuminate precise differentiation and growth strategies for a brand. We wrap up leaving a focused and prioritized list of potential executables..

content-strategyContent Strategy Workshop

What should I post? How do I create sticky and resonant content for my audience? Why is my content engagement stagnant? Where can I find a strategy for REAL growth? In this workshop we synthesize all the information from our prior sessions and facilitate a one year content strategy. Everything from blogs posts to sticky headlines all the way down to email sequence and automation development. No part of your content strategy is omitted during this workshop.


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Facilitation Team

Each workshop is guided by Vitals Agency’s co-founders and facilitation experts at your office or our strategy HQ in Phoenix Arizona. Our workshop solutions include creative exercises, strategic frameworks, sticky notes, and even more sticky notes.


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