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Customer Story


Jason & Kayla (the “J” and the “K” of JK Realty) had some particularly radical creative ideas for their most recent brand production. JK’s current brand had already been making waves in the local real estate market with their disruptive messaging and their “Legally Selling Joints” slogan. They’d been reaping massive results with these counter-cultural strategies and decided it was about time to raise the stakes.

Brand Treatment


We scripted, produced, shot, and cut a hyper-refined web short while staying in line with their unique JK flavor. Riding the coattails of their current disruptive branding (much of which involved a certain substance not legal in all states), we sought to parody “Drunk History”. The logistics of a dubbed and reenacted film shoot required us to be extra methodical in our approach, shooting and cutting an entire section of the piece before the 2nd day of production. The resulting piece was met with wide appreciation and is sure to reinforce their already starkly differentiated brand.